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I am passionate about storytelling and word weaving and I invite people of all ages to ignite their imaginations through the stories I tell! I draw on the oral traditions of many cultures from around the world, and the characters and the themes in the stories I tell are universal, and teach us important, and often funny lessons, about ourselves and each other. 

I can create a storytelling program that meets your unique needs, whether it is a birthday party, summer camp, school program, nursing home or celebration.

Programs for Children
  • Seasonal and Topical Themes, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Hayrides etc. 

  • Folklore and Fairytales

  • Stories from Around the World 

  • Caring, Sharing and Daring educational programs 

  • Storytelling Residencies 

  • Storytelling Clubs: Children become storytellers themselves

Programs for Adults
  • Personal Stories for Hope and Healing

  • Corporate events and Icebreakers

  • Folklore and Wisdom Tales

  • Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen events

  • Developing the art of Family Storytelling

Storytelling Clubs

Why teach students the craft of storytelling? Because it’s one of the most important life skills one can learn. It’s difficult to be successful if you’re not a good communicator and communication is, at its most basic level, the ability to tell a story well.

More importantly, teaching kids how to tell stories helps them improve their language skills, instills a love of reading, increases self-esteem, and stirs their imagination.

Best of all, storytelling involves children of all levels of ability, fosters cooperation, and is a lot of fun! In a Storytelling Club, students develop their own storytelling talents, learn and apply the techniques of storytelling, create storytelling guides, and perform for an audience!

Book Debby for your event. Email her at or complete the form below.

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