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Small Steps to Bigger Love:
Practical Guidelines to Relationships as a Spiritual Practice

Debby believes that our most important relationships are central to our emotional and spiritual growth and that the efforts we invest into them can actually help us to become the authentic and loving people we strive to be. She has confidence that there is always more to learn about loving, and that real growth and real love are measured in small, but substantial changes actions.

In Small Steps to Bigger Love, Debby introduces important topics like forgiveness, problem-solving, communication and commitment, and offers us ways to integrate the new ideas and skills into our lives. Her book is generously sprinkled with quotes, marriage mantras, spiritual practices, and challenging questions to ask ourselves and discuss with our partners. Each chapter aptly demonstrates how small steps really can lead to bigger love!


What readers Have to Say

Debby Gullery offers practical strategies for improving our key relationships by focusing on the relationship itself, rather than on trying to fix our spouse - since we know that doesn't work! More like a guidebook than something to be read just once, "Small Steps" challenges us, with heart and humor, to reach beyond our default interactions, to create something more meaningful and lasting. Well written - highly recommended.

     —Pippa Hoffman

This is a great book for those who are looking to start a small group to improve their marriages or as a series of discussion starters to read together before you go to bed. The chapters are really short but really provide a lot of good information to get discussions going

     –Roger Weatherall

State of the art guidance for couples. A must read.

     –Sharon Hendrie Crooke

Profound yet simple wisdom for the most important relationship in our lives!

     –John Abelseth

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