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Relationship Coaching

What are you looking for?

Ah! The simple pleasures in life! The comfort and security of a love relationship that endures, evolves and excites both partners! A place where we can be ourselves and continue to grow. A relationship that provides the trust and safety that allows for risk and vulnerability to develop and that helps each person to become their best self.

What is relationship coaching?
  • Education, not therapy

  • Practical, skills-oriented and research-based

  • Focuses on the present and the future – not the past

  • Assumes you are capable of great things and great love!

  • Provides you with the tools you need to take personal responsibility and create success.

Whether you are an individual, a couple, or a parent, you have the ability to create great relationships! I know that you can learn to be intentional, creative and successful in love. Whatever your learning style, you will gain skills that you can begin to implement immediately to grow and deepen your relationship. You decide what you want to accomplish and I will help you get there!

Relationships as a spiritual practice

Everyone wants to be happy and for most of us, happiness comes in and through our important relationships. These relationships are also the places where most of our significant spiritual and emotional growth occurs.  In other words, the development of our hearts and souls continues within our relationships and helps us to grow our capacity for love.

Approaching our relationships with this kind of intention and expectation, makes a huge difference in the outcome. If we are expecting internal growth in our relationships, we are more apt to notice and appreciate the opportunities when they appear. If we enter into relationships with the intention to grow, we find ourselves more in control of creating the relationships we deeply desire.

No matter where we are at in our love relationships, with parents, children, lovers and partners, we can become kinder and more confident, and we can graduate into deeper levels of heart. We can always start over, and we can always learn more about loving. Our capacity for love is endless!


let's get started! 

Which of your important relationships would you like to strengthen and improve? Let's start exactly where you're at, and let me teach you some simple, yet profound tools that you can begin to use right away!  Contact me soon at and we'll set up a time to talk, by phone, by SKYPE or in person.